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Global banking institutions are not in control of decentralized digital currencies. They cannot operate if we all move to cryptocurrencies. So, they are building their own blockchain projects to control what people buy and charged for those products or services. Corporations like Facebook are now creating digital currencies to capture wealth. We believe that everyone deserves to invest how they choose.

CryptoKwik is the current powerhouse of cryptocurrency streaming information from real people. Thousands of citizens all over the world are using our platform to engage the global blockchain community. Sign up today and start communicating with our members!

Our Story

In 2018, a systematic global ban of a cryptocurrency related advertising was implemented by Google, Facebook, Bing, Instagram, etc. The reason for the block by these organizations all translated to a similar explanation for the rulings, “Protecting their users from being the target of scam artists cheating innocent investors from losing their money.”

It is our belief, that this media shut out was a real attack on much more than protection of investors. There is a much larger more ominous attack on civil liberates at work. A media blackout by all these organizations at one time is fishy at best. They are basically saying you are not intelligent enough to do your own research, as you should in any investment!

Our goal is to allow you, the investor to talk about your ideas, share discussions and choose what you want to spend our money on with a legitimate, informed decisions. We built this platform to give you a voice! Become a free member today and help us build our CryptoKwik Community.